5 Signs To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating

Trust issues in a relationship are like a growing tumor. Once infested, the tumor grows rapidly with each mistake we make. Many people find themselves on the receiving end for being a loyal partner in a cheating relationship. Confronting a cheating partner often leads to narcissistic behavior which enrages the loyal one beyond words. Tough love, huh?

If you’ve been having doubts about your partner cheating on you, here are 5 signs for a cheating partner for you to look at:

Day Dreaming:

Some people are daydreamers since the day they were born. You need to differentiate between someone who’s a born dreamer and someone who has acquired it recently. Cheating partners often tend to be deeply lost in thoughts involving moral dilemma of whatever they’re doing is right or not.

If you find your partner lost in thoughts at the dining space, pay attention. However, this might also be a sign of your partner being stressed from office work and keeping it from you to shield you from the associated stress. You need to be vigilant here, but not too much.

Odd Hour Absence:

Absence at odd hours is the first and foremost sign of a cheating partner. If your partner has been dating someone on the side, they are bound to spend some of your quality time with them. You need to watch out for such moments keeping your calm so that you don’t overthink and create circumstances that aren’t even there. You need to understand that your partner still deserves the benefit of the doubt in case you’ve been chasing the wrong idea. Better to be safe than sorry.

Unexplained Gifts:

Try looking for unexplained letters or gifts in the wardrobe which your partner labeled as co-worker’s courtesy. Since cheating partners don’t reveal the fact that they’re already committed, they receive such gifts on the dates they go out on. They’re bound to hide the gifts since throwing them away will be a big mistake once they choose them over you citing to your relationship failing due to ‘compatibility issues’.

Always On The Phone:

Cheating people remain glued to their phones at all times. The phone holds the darkest secrets a person has nowadays. One pro tip: if you ever get hold of their phone while they’re in the shower, always go through their ‘screenshots’ folder. That is the one folder where even cheating people feel lazy to step in and hide the pictures of the girls from www.torontoescorts.agency. People have the habit to take screenshots on little things these days, and you might get some solid evidence right there.

Too Conscious Of Their Personal Space:

If your partner has been too conscious of their personal space, be vigilant. Cheating people often tend to behave as if every little action or gesture of love from your end is invading their personal space. Look out for those changes in behavior if your cuddly partner all of a sudden demands space on the bed while sleeping because they had a ‘rough day’.

There’s hardly anything as heart breaking as a cheating partner. Once you feel you’ve found solid evidence about your partner cheating, play along. Confronting your partner won’t bring any good. If they feel guilty at a later stage and want to come back to you again, you can break up then and move on like a boss!